Winter WonderHack is a 36-hour hackathon that takes place at Michigan Tech. Students from across the midwest come here to show their passion for developing, designing, and #something. As it would happen, attendees will also get to enjoy the world-famous Winter Carnival ice sculptures, along with events surrounding the MTU Career Fair!


Current students and those who have been a student within the past year are eligible. Teams may be one ot four people. All work submitted for consideration must be completed at the location and over duration of the event.


Select the categories, resources and technolgies used in your submission and upload a description of the purpose and function of you project. This may be in the form of a video, presentation, images or other media. Keep it brief - e.g. limit videos to no more than three minutes - and general. Judges will be visiting your project at the expo.

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$4,800 in prizes

Most Novel or Innovative

Most Technically Challenging

Most Practical or Impactful

Rookie Award

Dell Venue 8 Tablets


Best for Michigan Tech

Meridian Challenge

Usability FTW (Humane Interface Design Enterprise)

What is usability? One distinction is easy; the difference between useful and useable. Useful means that the system does what it should. Usable means that it is easy to do it. But there is no usability without usefulness and no usefulness without usability. So the distinction is not so clear. This illustrates one difficulty with defining usability.

Preece, Rogers and Sharp (Interaction Design) propose 6 usability goals:

Effective: effective to use
Efficient: efficient to use
Utility: have good utility
Learnable: easy to learn
Memorable: easy to remember how to use
Safe: safe to use

The team who's project is the most usable will win $25 Amazon gift cards.

Punniest Name

Punniest .com, .net, or .org from gets a swag bag.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Nathaniel Shapiro

Nathaniel Shapiro

Judging Criteria

  • Novel
    Quality and innovative nature of the idea / demo
  • Practical
    Utility of the idea / demo
  • Deep
    Compelling and challenging use of the technologies and tools

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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